2019 Judicial Poll Results

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On behalf of the CFACDL Board of Directors, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2019 CFACDL Judicial Poll.  We appreciate the time and effort required to complete the poll in an effort to provide effective, constructive, feedback to our judiciary.

The poll is designed to accomplish the following objectives: (1) Provide detailed and constructive feedback to the judiciary to improve the quality of judicial administration in the criminal courts of Central Florida; (2) Inform the public as to the performance of its judicial officers and provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of judicial officer in the administration of the criminal courts of Central Florida; (3) Aid in both retaining and selecting to the bench the most qualified judicial officers.

Prior to the Poll’s release, the CFACDL Board of Directors elected a sub-committee to review and edit the comments section of the poll.  The sub-committee reviewed and discussed each individual comment.  The sub-committee deleted or redacted any comment, or part of a comment, it determined violative of Rule of Professional Conduct 4.8-4, Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.  Such deletions or redactions are notated accordingly in the poll.  In addition to comments stricken pursuant to Rule 4.8-4, any comment which alleged a judge’s discrimination or bias based on race, gender, or ethnicity was deleted from this poll.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Poll.  Please feel free to contact me directly should anyone have questions or concerns about the Poll, or feedback as to how to improve future versions of the Judicial Poll.


Benjamin D. Wurtzel
President, CFACDL


CFACDL Judicial Poll Results