2019 Judicial Poll

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CFACDL Judicial Poll Survey

As with other local organizations throughout the nation, the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers conducts an annual evaluation of the judicial officers presiding over criminal cases in Central Florida.

This poll is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

1.  To provide detailed and constructive feedback to the judiciary to improve the quality of judicial administration in the criminal courts of Central Florida;

2.  To inform the public as to the performance of its judicial officers and provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of judicial administration in the criminal courts of Central Florida; and

3.  To aid in both retaining and selecting to the bench the most qualified judicial officers.

*It is CFACDL’s intent to accomplish these goals in a positive and constructive manner, as the poll is not intended to inappropriately criticize, embarrass or disparage anyone.

*You must follow Bar ethics and professionalism rules. Only complete the survey once if you are a licensed attorney that practices in Seminole, Orange, and/or Osceola  Counties for judges that you have personally appeared before.

Please take a few minutes to complete the poll by clicking on the following link:



Please share the judicial poll survey with any other criminal defense practitioners in the Central Florida area.

Thank you,

Sean Landers, B.C.S.
President of CFACDL 2018-2019