Announcement: Amendment 6

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A message from our President Sean Landers:

CFACDL Members,

We need your help! We need to educate and urge voters to vote NO on Amendment 6, also known as Marsy’s Law. Attached is a flyer put together by dedicated CFACDL members who have worked very hard and put forth tremendous effort to inform voters that this Amendment and Victim Rights already exist in the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes. FACDL has adopted this flyer created by CFACDL and has already distributed it to all their members.

On paper and in commercials that have been airing for months, proponents of Marsy’s Law and this Amendment have promoted something that will look really good to the masses who do not understand the detrimental effects to criminal defendants, our clients. Now we must do our job in advocating for our clients and all those accused of crimes and advocate against Amendment 6 and to vote NO on Amendment 6. I ask you and urge you to share this flyer with friends, family, and colleagues via social media, email, etc. to stop this Amendment from passing and becoming new law. We are also in the process of ordering yard signs to further advocate and promote to all voters to vote No on Amendment 6!

Thank you,

Sean Landers, B.C.S.

CFACDL President 2018-2019