Defending Sex Cases: Selected Topics

Defending Sex Cases: Selected Topics

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DNA evidence in sex offense; Psychosexual Evaluations and Risk Assessments; and Autism and Sexual Offending– Is it Autism, Is It Deviance, Is It Both?

AGENDA and Speaker BIO’s

April 30, 2021
Live Zoom Meeting

1:00-1:05 Introductory remarks

1:05-2:05 J. Christopher McKee, Forensic Defense Strategies, LLP Mr. McKee will provide an overview of dealing with DNA evidence in sex offense prosecutions, preparing for deposition and cross examinations of DNA Analysts, use of motion practice and relevant caselaw and developing trial defenses to the state’s DNA theory.

2:05-2:15 Q/A

2:15-3:15 Dr. Jennifer M. Rohrer, Ph.D., Forensic and Clinical Psychologist Psychosexual Evaluations and Risk Assessments: What do they entail, are they confidential, when should they be used in plea bargaining or pre-trial context, and what are the risks? Post sentence evaluations: How do they effect terms of sex offender probation and safety plans?

3:15-3:20 Q/A

3:20-3:25 Break

3:25-4:25 Dr. Eric Imhof, Psy. D. and Dr. Kim Spence, Psy. D. Autism and Sexual Offending– Is it Autism, Is It Deviance, Is It Both? Speakers explain clinical differences in clients with ASD who engage in inappropriate sexual behavior versus clients with ASD and a comorbid paraphilic disorder(s). A particular emphasis will be placed on the diagnosis of Pedophilic Disorder and targeted suggestions will be offered to best educate the courts regarding the diagnosis and misperceptions related to risk and dangerousness.

4:25-4:30 Q/A

4:30 Presentation Adjourns