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Topic: DUI Refresh

Time: Sep 17, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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DUI Refresh Summary – CFACDL is proud to present a two-part DUI Refresh CLE:

Part 1- DUI Administrative Suspensions: What are they and what can be done to challenge them? Once a suspension is issued, what are hardship license options and requirements? What are the time limitations that govern these options and what should every attorney know before advising a client to take action?

Part 2- Trial Issues: What are the most successful methods to attack a high breath score in trial? What should every trial attorney look for when BAC is an issue? What are the basic DUI motions that can lead to evidence being suppressed? What does it mean for DUIs to be enhanceable offenses and how can that impact the decision to take a case to trial?

Our speakers are highly experienced DUI attorneys Rachel Mattie and Matt Olszewski.

Attorney Rachel Mattie is a criminal defense attorney with The Umansky Law Firm. Prior to joining The Umansky Law Firm, she worked as an Assistant Public Defender for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, developing a knack for DUI defense. As a public defender, Rachel tried many DUIs and assisted in training new attorneys in the office on DUI motion practice and trial tactics. As a private attorney, she handles a wide range of criminal cases but focuses primarily on DUI defense and the administrative issues that arise when the criminal case intersects with the DHSMV’s administrative suspensions.

Attorney Matthew Olszewski runs the FL DUI Group, a criminal defense firm in Orlando, FL. He graduated UF Law in 2004 and worked as an Assistant State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit before entering private practice. Matt has trained both lawyers and law enforcement officers on DUI-related issues and investigations and has been honored with The DUI Gladiator Award. Matt now uses what he learned prosecuting DUIs to defend those accused of driving under the influence, known best for his ability to secure not guilty verdicts despite the existence of high blood alcohol levels.