Judge Carsten’s Order on lntoxilyzer 8000

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Judge Carsten’s order on lntoxilyzer 8000 litigation is attached (Williams, 9th Cir Ct (6-1-18) (Denying Def Request for SC, GrantingIntox Exterior Inspection))

Judge Carsten granted relief in-part, ordering the State to turn over the software and manuals in their possession for the lntoxilyzer 8000. Also, the Court found that most of what was requested by the defense is not in the State’s possession. The Court essentially advises the Defense to try to get a court in Kentucky to authorize a subpoena duces tecum to get everything else it sought from CMI. Judge Carsten’s order goes in much more detail addressing the more than 30 substantive motions filed by the defense.

Special thanks to Michael Barber for bringing this matter to the attention of CFACDL