October 29, 2014 Membership Luncheon


Date: October 29, 2014

Location: Sorosis Club, doors open at 11:30. Presentation to begin at 12:00.

Cost: $10. RSVP Deadline: Monday, October 27.


Our October Luncheon will focus on three distinct federal practice issues. First,  the  sentencing  commission enacted a new guideline amendment which retroactively lowers the guideline range for all drug cases, not just crack.  It  is  estimated  more than 1,500 inmates, sentenced in the Middle District of Florida, will be impacted by Amendment 782;  Second,  President  Obama,  and the Justice Department, together with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), have set up a clemency  program  for  certain non-violent offenders in the federal prison system.  The presentation will discuss the clemency program and explain how to determine the applicability to certain inmates; and finally,  there  are  two  new  federal  judges  in the United States District  Court,  Orlando  Division:  The  Honorable  Paul  Byron  and  The Honorable Carlos Mendoza. They have been on the bench now for three months. There  will  be  a  short presentation on how the judges are handling their federal criminal case dockets and sentencing issues.

The agenda includes:

The new retroactive drug amendment, Amendment 782  – Rosemary Cakmis, Senior Litigator, Appellate Division Chief

The 2014 Clemency Project  –  Allison  Guagliardo,  Assistant  Federal Defender, Appellate  Division

An  overview  of how the new Federal Judges, The Honorable Paul Byron and The Honorable Carlos Mendoza, are handling federal criminal cases.  – Jim Skuthan, First Assistant Federal Defender

This is going to be a great presentation that you will not want to miss! The Florida Bar has approved this program for 1.0 of CLE credit.

Hope to see you all there!