Order enjoining Secretary from placing CRC Revision 1 (Amendment 6) on 2018 ballot!

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A message from:


Andrew B. Metcalf  

Immediate Past President – Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Green & Metcalf, P.A.




Please find attached the Final Order enjoining Secretary Detzner from placing CRC Revision 1 (Amendment 6) “Rights of Crime Victims; Judges” on the 2018 ballot!!!


We are very excited.  Mark Herron and his team have done an outstanding job and have been very open to comment and suggestion by all parties.


As we have known from the start, this is our first best hope! I want to thank all of our members who have donated money to offset the cost of helping to fund this legal battle. If you have not yet contributed, there is still a need and there is time. Thank you.


You can read the Second Circuit Court’s Order here: 2nd Circuit Order Enjoining Amendment 6